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Our Story is quite simple really! We wanted to create a modern take on the very traditional dish of fish and chips! What’s modern about fish and chips we hear you ask?

Well a combination of our super allergen friendly approach alongside awesome world infleunces of flavour and taste gives a whole new spin on the humble fish and chips! Only gluten free batters, an extensive veggie and vegan dishes cooked separately and only using rapeseed oil in our fryers.

Our ethos is equally as simple.. To make from scratch and not cheat! So no mass produced pre prepared frozen rubbish that just needs heating up and serving! We craft our food and therefore can guarantee what goes into it including our desserts and ice creams!

Alongside that is our commitment to play awesome music to make you smile and offer a drinks and cocktail list most bars would be proud of!

That is The Fish & The Chip in a nutshell, so come by, say hi and let us know what you think!

PS We also do cocktail classes, offer takeaway / delivery and are looking for further sites to grow in to!


19 -21 St Nicholas place | Leicester | LE1 4LD
0116 340 8001