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Wondering why one of Leicester’s restaurants is offering more and more Vegan and Gluten free choice?


It might have escaped you but there has been a gradual growing shift towards a dairy free, gluten free and vegan diet! The largest increase can be seen in the younger student market being influenced through social media by certain celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Lewis Hamilton and Beyonce and being made more and more aware of the impact eating meat has on the planet as well as a growing number of intolerances towards dairy and gluten.

These statistics might make you surprised to find that 10% of the UK population have a diagnosed food allergy or intolerance and 15% of the population suspect they do.  There has been a 350% rise in the number of vegans in Britain from 2006-2016; 542,000 people said they were vegans in 2016 and 49% of Britons have reduced their meat consumption!

So hopefully that has given you an insight into the growing vegan, dairy free, reduced meat and gluten free market to explain why we have developed and evolved our menu to ensure we give people what they NOW want!

As an independent restaurant we can adapt and change quickly with everything we make being made in house (apart from our locally sourced bread) innovating the menu comes naturally. It has been an exciting journey for us and we have pulled on our team’s strengths with flavours and influences from all over the world. It is a fun new challenge to creategreat taste from 100% plant based ingredients and we have found that the possibilities are endless!

We have always had ONLY Gluten free batters made from scratch so we thought what better place to start than adding a “Vegan Fish and chips” dish to The Fish and The Chip’s menu!  Not only is it gluten free but it is plant based as well with no processed soya in sight! We have had such amazing feedback that people have even commented that it actually tastes like fish! Obviously we are not going to tell you the exact recipes but we can tell you it is created out of cauliflower, nori and coated in our wasabi and sesame seed gluten free batter, if that’s not all we have even developed our own vegan tartar sauce and vegan mayo to go with our hand cut chips. Who said vegans have to settle??? Definately not at The Fish and The Chip!

Carrying on from the “Vegan Fish” we have developed our very own “Vegan Squid”! Yes, salt and pepper vegan squid, again gluten free with toasted almonds, garlic and parsley topped with sriracha mayo. Another favourite is the battered salt rubbed cassava fries with pineapple salsa and jerk sauce all gluten free vegan yumminess…we’ve also got some more healthier treats like our vegan asian, jerk or Japanese goodness bowls and homemade vegan ice cream.

The list could go on and as we are constantly developing new and improved vegan, gluten free and dairy free recipes – it is our mission to keep updating and bringing new delicious, full of flavour recipes to the vegan and gluten free restaurant scene!

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The Fish and The Chip full menu is available to takeaway it is also available on Deliveroo and owl getit alongside the 100% vegan plant & bean takeaway menu