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Here at The Fish and The Chip in Leicester we make everything fresh from scratch


What does cooking from scratch really entail?

Tubs of sauces

When you hear the words “From Scratch” it might sound intuitive – Don’t most restaurants make their food from scratch?

Sadly, it’s actually more rare than you think. You may hear of places baking fresh bread, or maybe an Italian place makes their pasta, or a good Mexican restaurant hand presses their tortillas. Well, at The Fish and The Chip we make EVERYTHING fresh and from scratch.

Fresh should go without saying and not only are our dishes handcrafted fresh daily, but here are just some of things we do on our prep list…

we wash and cut our potatoes by hand, fillet our fish, make our vegan fish, mix our own gluten free batters, make our own gluten free bread crumbs, create our own marinades and sauces including our vegan mayo and tartar sauce as well as make all of our ice creams. Yes everything apart from our bread is made by us, our bread is made for us byMilners in Wigston.

This means that not only is everything you eat at The Fish and The Chip fresh and wholesome, but also that it will NEVER contain any preservatives or any artificial additives and when we say it is gluten free, vegetarian or vegan we know for sure it is!

Book here or call 0116 3408001

The Fish and The Chip full menu is available to takeaway it is also available on Deliveroo and owl getit alongside the 100% vegan plant & bean takeaway menu