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Why has The Fish and The Chip in Leicester decided to go 100% Pescatarian?


Firstly what is a Pescatarian Diet?

You may have heard about the diet term “Pescatarian” or “Pescetarian” (as some people spell it) but for those of you who haven’t – It is a word sometimes used to describe those who refrain from eating animal meat with the exception of fish and seafood.

So to break it down a Pescatarian diet mainly consists of vegetables, fruits, dairy and grains with the addition of fish and other seafood such as shrimp, clams, crabs, and lobster etc…What Pescatarians don’t eat for example is steak, chicken, pork or any other kind of meat. Studies have shown that the Pescatarian diet is on the increase with more people being aware of such things as cholesterol and wanting their protein to come from a healthier source as well as being more environmentally friendly than animal meat.

Therefore The Fish and The Chip being a 100% Pescatarian Restaurant has NO meat in the kitchen. Just vegetables, grains, a lot of flavours and fish and all our food it made by us from scratch to ensure that we know for certain what has gone into our dishes.

Why has The Fish and The Chip decided to go Pescatarian? 

Well since opening The Fish and The Chip in 2017 we have seen the increase in customers choosing more and more fish, vegetarian and vegan options with there being more and more focus towards improving health, diet and reducing the environmental footprint so as a brand we have wanted to capture that in our menu and give the customer what they want.

Our menu has been on a journey of development and we now have a menu that isn’t just “fish and chips” it is a whole lot more! Our restaurant menu has an extensive Gluten free range of dishes, healthy goodness bowls, unique delicious flavours, vegan and vegetarian dishes and if thats not enough we also have a 100% vegan menu from “plant & bean” (what is plant & bean? Follow this link) that runs alongside it in the restaurant. If that hasn’t got your mouth watering then check out just some of our dishes below….

Salt & Pepper squid plate with lemon

Salt & Pepper squid (GF)
Salt & Pepper Squid with toasted flaked almonds, garlic and parsley topped with starch mayo!

Chilli Prawn Nacho

Chilli Prawn Nachos (GF)
Garlic and chilli prawn corn nachos with a black bean salsa, spiced charred sweetcorn, smashed Avocado, red Leicester cheese and pickled chillis

Battered Halloumi fried

Battered Halloumi fried (GF)
Halloumi fried with pineapple salsa and jerk sauce.

Jerk Fish and Chips

Jerk Fish and Chips (GF)
Jerk marinated haddock fillet, gluten free jerk batter with chunky chips or skinny fries, mushy peas and lemon aioli

Vegan Fish and Chips

Vegan Fish and Chips (GF)
Wasabi and sesame seed battered vegan fish and chips served with mushy peas and tartar sauce.

Korean Fish Burger

Korean Fish Burger (GF)
Seeded bun, battered haddock with kimchi, gochujang sauce, spinach, spring onions, tomato and fresh chillis

Japanese Goodness Bowl with Teriyaki aubergine

The Japanese Goodness Bowl with Teriyaki aubergine (GF)
Crispy kale seaweed, radish and onion slaw, spring onions, sesame seed and coconut wholegrain rice.

Jerk Goodness Bowl

The Jerk Goodness Bowl (GF) (V)
Spiced charred sweetcorn, pineapple and pepper salsa, coconut, coriander & lime rice and jerk sauce with Grilled halloumi

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The Fish and The Chip full menu is available to takeaway. It is also available on Deliveroo and owlgetit alongside the 100% vegan plant & bean takeaway menu